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We're Growing for You

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Beautify your home and yard!

Whether you need fruit, shade, or decoration, we have a wide selection of trees to fit your needs. Flowering shrubs always are a nice compliment to your flower beds and trees, with numberous flower colors to choose from for all growing conditions. Our knowledgeable staff will help you figure out your growing conditions and what will work best for you!

   •   Produce oxygen and remove CO2 from the air

   •   Trees act as a home to many animals

   •   Accents your home decor

We will help you find what works for you!

When re-constructing your landscape, don't spend hundreds on a landscaping plan. When you buy a shrub or tree from us, the landscaping advice is included. Bring in a rough sketch of your area and we will help you fill it up with trees and shrubs that perform well and will be beautiful all season. Click here to see a list of trees and shrubs we have carried in the past. If you don't see what you want, call or email to see if we have it or can get it!

Flowering Ninebark

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Large selection of Trees and Shrubs

Barberry bushes

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